Transforming the Digital Experience for Everyone

Gain maximum control of computers, programs, and games – along with their mouse, controller, and keyboard devices – through voice commands, facial expressions, body gestures, virtual buttons, tilt controls, third-party devices, and more.

Control your technology on your terms

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Jump with a nod, mute with a lean, and bank with a smile 🙂

A single day contains more than a million moments of connectivity – to technology and to one another. The products we love, the places we work, the things we buy, and the ways we move through the world; they all shape how we live. Every single interaction creates an opportunity to build better experiences. That’s Cephable, we’re helping to reshape your world – accessibly.

Cephable turns any input into any output

What our users are saying:

"Internet users have applauded Dunn for his work, noting that asking for accessibility should not equate to asking for an “easy mode” — a misconception often cited by critics of making games more accessible."
- The Washington Post
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What Business Can Do With Cephable

Anything you can do; we can do with you.

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Embed Accessibility

Thoughtful accessibility opens products, services, and internal productivity to a greater number of people. It increases session duration, reduces bounce rates, increases productivity, and builds brand loyalty. Cephable provides reliable, efficient accessibility across any digital platform, at any time.

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Enhance Cost Savings

Cephable embeds with your current platforms, performing a huge array of customizable functions – all with a pricing model that is far superior to our competitors.

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Scale With You

Cephable is here to grow and transform with you. For companies looking to enhance their accessibility solutions – adoption, implementation, or change of direction can be a challenge. Cephable’s technology upholds services at scale.

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Increase Market Share Growth

The global purchasing power of the disabled consumer and their loved ones is $13 trillion annually. Your business can’t afford to ignore the needs of 16% of the world’s population. Research is showing that early digital accessibility adopters are outperforming their competitors.

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Charge Innovation

Remove usability barriers and unlock greater possibilities in your products and services. Together, we will test and learn, so that you may move faster, drive adoption, and support continuous innovation to deliver on your business priorities.

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Meet You Where You Are

We believe accessibility investment accelerates the change we want to see in the world. That’s why we meet companies exactly where you are in the journey – from newbies to industry leaders.

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Turn Your Accessibility Investment into a Brand Driver

Placing accessibility at the core of your user experience helps to capture new markets while building brand adherence. Deliver a superior human-centric customer care experience that drives customer loyalty and a competitive advantage.

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Track Accessibility Progress

Our data builds better insights into how disabled users are engaging with your brand or being blocked from that experience – better informing your future digital choices.

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Help With Legal Compliance

It’s not why we are here, and we hope it’s not why you are either. We know it’s a reality companies face, and we are here to talk you through it. We’re excited to open your business to a whole new world of possibility as you get to better know your disabled consumers.

News and Announcements

Note: As of August 2023 Enabled Play is now Cephable.

microsoft story self taught

Microsoft Story: Self Taught Developer Levels The Playing Field for People with Disabilities

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The Washington Post: The latest video game controller isn’t plastic. It’s your face.

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Handelminutes Podcast: Enabled Play for everyone with Alex Dunn