Empowering You: Cephable v2 Unleashed! 🚀

Jan 3, 2024

Dear Cephable Community 🐙,

We are thrilled to unveil a major milestone in our journey to make technology access personalized for everyone. Today, we are proud to introduce Cephable v2 apps, a groundbreaking release that brings a fresh perspective to controlling your digital world. This update is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, user experience, and performance.


What’s New in Cephable v2?

1. Intuitive Design for Seamless Interaction 🎨

We believe in the power of simplicity, and Cephable v2 reflects this philosophy with a brand-new design. The interface has been meticulously crafted to enhance user experience, making it more intuitive and visually appealing. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or new to adaptive controls, Cephable v2 ensures that controlling your device is a breeze.

Screenshot of Cephable Welcome Screen 2.0

2. Revamped Onboarding for a Smooth Start 🚀

Getting started with Cephable has never been easier! Our revamped onboarding system guides you through the app, helping you understand the diverse range of controls available. Try out adaptive voice controls, explore face expressions, experiment with head movement, and discover virtual buttons or motion controls too—all at your own pace. Create your first set of control profiles effortlessly and unlock the full potential of your device.

A screenshot of the Cephable Input Controls User Interface

3. Performance Fixes for Consistency and Reliability ⚙️

We’ve listened to your feedback, and Cephable v2 brings performance fixes that ensure a more consistent and reliable experience. Your technology should adapt to you, not the other way around. Expect smoother interactions and a seamless connection with your devices in this version and all versions to come.

4. New Notification System for Continuous Learning 📬

Stay informed and inspired with our new notification system. Receive updates about the latest features, discover new ways to use Cephable, and access helpful resources to further enhance your experience. We believe in continuous learning, and Cephable v2 keeps you in the loop.

How to Get Cephable v2

Cephable v2 is now available for Mac and Windows and the Cephable companion app updates are also available on iOS, and Android. Update your app or download it today from our website to embark on a journey of empowered control. If you’re already a Cephable user – you should see an update alert after using the app on Windows or Mac.


Join the Cephable Community

Connect with us and the rest of the community on discord, facebook, and other socials too. Share your experiences, and be part of the conversation! We’re excited to see how Cephable v2 empowers you to control your technology in ways that work best for you.

A screenshot of the settings page in the Cephable user interface

So, What’s Next?

V2 is just the beginning of the future of the Cephable platform! We’re constantly adding new features, refining how the platform works, improving the experience you have with it, and more. Here’s a couple exciting things to look forward to in the near future in Cephable:

  • Global controls: Easily switch apps, change settings, control your operating system, and more – across all your profiles
  • Advancing your existing switch controls: If you’re a switch user, you’ll be able to use switches for controls with Cephable too! Generate controls, change how they work with profiles, and more
  • More control profile templates: New out-of-the-box profiles to try and jump right into.
  • Automatic profile switching: When you create profiles for different apps, Cephable will be able to automatically switch for you so you can use your controls seamlessly everywhere
  • Gamepad/Controller support: Use Cephable to emulate controllers in your games on Windows! This will lead to more game support, better support for using with things like the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and more options for how you play
  • And so much more! Be sure to use the new “Suggest a feature” button in the new v2 Cephable Dashboard and join the community to share your feature and enhancement ideas too.

Thank you for being part of the Cephable community. Together, we’re shaping a more inclusive digital future.

Alex and the Cephable Team 🐙

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