Eureka! Cephable Shines in First Year at CES Eureka Park

Jan 3, 2024

Revolutionizing Accessibility with Cephable

Cephable is not just software; it’s a game-changer in assistive technology. Our platform transforms how individuals interact with their computers and mobile devices in ways that work best for them. Input controls include adaptive voice controls, facial expressions, head movement, virtual buttons, and multi-modal controls. We work with businesses to integrate these controls into their platforms, devices, apps, and games, supporting our users and helping those businesses reach and serve more users with disabilities.

Simple Gestures, Powerful Commands: Imagine copying and pasting with a mere smile or transferring funds with a subtle nod. Even switching tools in Photoshop is as easy as issuing a voice command. Cephable makes all this possible, bringing a new level of ease and accessibility to everyday digital tasks.

The Story Behind Cephable

From a Gaming Device to a Life-Changing Platform: The journey of Cephable began with Alex Dunn, our Founder and CEO. His initial vision for the platform was embodied in a physical device named EnabledPlay. Evolving from hardware to software, and expanding from gaming to encompassing all aspects of daily digital life, Cephable was inspired by a personal story. Alex’s brother, striving to keep up with his peers in gaming, became the catalyst for a platform that now resonates with users across various sectors – from educational districts to federal agencies, and even in the corporate world.

Making an Impact: Today, Cephable is a name known across thousands of users. Its integration into digital platforms of numerous Fortune 500 companies is a testament to its versatility and efficacy in both personal and professional realms.

Cephable’s Debut at CES Eureka Park

Cephable’s journey to CES Eureka Park began with a nomination from an advocate of our platform. Winning a complimentary booth at CES 2024 Eureka Park, we quickly geared up for the showcase. Our team is excited to present Cephable’s 2.0 Releaseat Booth #60462 in the Venetian Expo, Hall G. This update features an updated intuitive user interface, advanced generative AI tools, and an enhanced onboarding process.

The Interactive Booth Experience: Our booth invites visitors to dive into the Cephable experience. From gaming to productivity and creative applications, everything is controlled using body movements, facial expressions, and voice commands. Whether it’s navigating through an action-packed video game, drafting documents using Microsoft and Google tools, or unleashing creativity with the Adobe Suite, our platform offers a unique and inclusive way to engage with technology.

Conclusion: A Launchpad for Future Success

Anticipation and Opportunity: As we approach CES Eureka Park, the excitement within the Cephable team is palpable. Being one of the five sponsored exhibitors is not just an honor; it’s a recognition of Cephable’s potential to impact the broader market. We’re not just showcasing a product; we’re demonstrating a commitment to making digital spaces accessible and inclusive.

Connect with Us: Interested in learning more or scheduling a meeting? We have a few slots available. Visit our booking page and be a part of this exciting journey.

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