CES Eureka Park Delivers a Jolt to Cephable and Accessibility Tech Overall

Jan 22, 2024

As the calendar flipped to the second week of January, a palpable buzz of excitement and innovation engulfed CES Eureka Park, heralding a transformative era in accessibility technology spearheaded by Cephable. This wasn’t just another event; it was a seismic shift in the realm of assistive tech.

Cephable at the Heart of Innovation

Imagine thousands of intrigued visitors converging at our vibrant Cephable booth in Eureka Park. Here, amidst the bustling 10X10 booth setup synonymous with rapid-fire queries and unending demos, our dedicated team of four unleashed the full potential of Cephable. We didn’t just showcase our platform; we ignited conversations, delved into use cases, and connected with industry leaders from sectors as diverse as you could imagine. This was more than a display; it was a movement. 

Beyond Accessibility: Cephable Captures the Mainstream Imagination

Cephable is free for private individuals, and when we unveil this, the ensuing question about our revenue model leads to a revelation. Our licensing model for companies to leverage our tools on their digital platforms isn’t just a business strategy; it’s a blueprint for scalable, inclusive innovation. Cephable’s targeted use cases transcend traditional boundaries. Industries like automotive, aerospace, and even bicycles are awakening to the possibilities of integrating Cephable’s technology. This integration promises not only inclusivity but an expanded enriched user experience. 

In realms like healthcare, medicine, and pharmaceuticals, the conversation swiftly transcends accessibility. Here, Cephable becomes a game-changer in operational efficiency, transforming environments like clean rooms and operating theaters. 

Tech giants are quick to recognize the dual benefits of Cephable – a cost-effective integration solution and a competitive edge in reaching the underserved community of people with disabilities. Cephable’s mission, while steadfastly focused on empowering the disabled community, is proving its universal value proposition: “Cephable brings value to everyone.” 

On Intel’s Building an Accessible World panel, Darryl Adams highlights the collaborative efforts between Cephable and Intel Corporation in creating a more accessible and inclusive world. This partnership was showcased in his insightful session with Stephen Ewell, emphasizing how our joint initiatives are paving the way for more inclusive technology solutions. For a deeper understanding of our collaboration, you can watch the session here:

Spreading the Word: Cephable’s Journey Beyond Eureka Park

Our team, fueled by the support of visionary investors like Founders Collective, Triple Impact, Hyperplane, and Difference Partners, took Cephable’s message beyond Eureka Park. We engaged with top executives across major event spaces, unpacking Cephable’s immense business value and exploring groundbreaking applications. Additionally, we received a Golden Ticket to pitch to AARP on their stage as part of their Age Tech Collab program! 

In the evenings, our interactions with influencers in the A11y community weren’t just meetings; they were collaborative think-tanks, pushing the boundaries of what assistive tech can achieve in today’s world.  

CEO Alex Dunn on Stage at AARP's pitch competition

What’s on the Horizon for Cephable?

 There’s no slowing down for Cephable. As a Finalist in the ‘Innovative World Technologies’ category at SXSW 2024, we’re gearing up to showcase our groundbreaking technology on one of the most prestigious stages. With more exhilarating news from SXSW on the horizon, the momentum is only building. 

Reflecting on the CES Experience

Returning from CES, our team was not just exhausted but invigorated. The overwhelming reception we received was a testament to Cephable’s potential to revolutionize the world for individuals and businesses alike. At CES, Cephable was not just a participant; it emerged as a trailblazer, poised to redefine the landscape of technology and accessibility. We’re not just excited about what we do; we’re passionate about the incredible journey ahead, changing lives, one innovation at a time. 

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