The Power of the Product

Enabling people to move beyond keyboard and mouse with the capabilities they have.

Alternative Inputs are Just The Beginning

cephable inputs
cephable inputs

Tilt Controls

Facial Expressions

Switch Control

Voice Controls & Dictation

Head Motion

Virtual Buttons

Cephable capabilities include Tilt Controls, Facial Expressions, Head Motion, Virtual Buttons, Switch Control, and Voice Control & Dictation.

How Cephable Works for the Individual

Changing the Controls

Cephable works by utilizing various input controls and mapping those to profiles giving you full control of your favorite applications and devices.

What are Input Controls?

Input controls are the different methods used to control you device. Such as your voice, head movement, face expressions, and additional devices.

What Are Profiles?

Profiles are built around a selection of various input and output controls that allow you to connect and communicate with your computer beyond the standard keyboard and mouse option.

Download & Install

Download Cephable for free, install it on the operating system of your choice and complete the 5 minute onboarding process.

That’s it.

Cephable is a brand new technology, and learning it will take practice. We offer tutorials and pre-made control profiles to get you started. While deeper integrations are being pursued, you can use Cephable to accomplish anything on your computer that might otherwise demand a keyboard or mouse.

You can control experiences like, Hulu, TikTok, Slack, HBO Max, Word, Exel, Discord, Banking Apps and more.

How Cephable Works for the Enterprise

Creating all the functionality Cephable has natively within your apps and tools would take a long, long time. Trust us we know.

License Cephable and connect via API or SDK to quickly enable all the features and functionality of Cephable in the tools you choose. The limit is that of your current ecosystem. 

Giving Our Users the Control

Existing Control Profiles

With action-oriented profiles, users can dive right into activities that are part of their daily lives. Existing Control Profiles for:
  • Web browsing
  • Word Processing
  • Mouse Basics
  • Media Controls

Brand Specific Profiles

As Cephable is adopted by the enterprise, new profiles will be released for specific brands, allowing users to connect their Cephable account and do more. Profiles are coming for:

  • Banking
  • Software Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Media and Entertainment platforms
  • Healthcare

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