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Any new technology is bound to spark some questions. We’ve gathered some that we hear from time to time. We hope they’re helpful.

What is Cephable and how can it benefit my company?

Cephable is an assistive technology partner focused on improving digital experiences. Our solutions empower companies to create inclusive, productive, and enjoyable digital environments for their employees and customers, ultimately enhancing engagement and productivity while ensuring accessibility for all. For more information- here’s Cephable at a glance. 

How does Cephable's technology integrate with existing digital platforms?

Cephable’s software seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing digital platforms, ensuring minimal disruption to your current workflow. Our adaptive technology can be easily incorporated into your systems, allowing for a smooth transition to more inclusive and accessible digital experiences. Learn more about Cephable for Business 

What are the key features of Cephable's software?

Cephable’s software leverages automation, AI, and accessible UX design to redefine the customer experience. Key features include adaptive controls based on voice, face, and motion inputs, customizable profiles for personalized interactions, and insightful analytics to help you understand user behavior and preferences. Learm more about the product here.

How does Cephable help businesses increase accessibility ratings?

By prioritizing accessibility in our technology, Cephable helps businesses improve their accessibility ratings and compliance with accessibility standards such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Our solutions ensure that digital content and interactions are accessible to users of all abilities, enhancing your company’s reputation for inclusivity and social responsibility. 

Can Cephable's technology help my company reach new customer segments?

Absolutely. With over $645 billion in buying power, consumers with disabilities represent a significant and often overlooked market. By implementing Cephable’s solutions, businesses can tap into this market, capture new customer segments, and drive net new revenue. 

How does Cephable ensure data security and compliance with regulations?

At Cephable, data security and compliance are top priorities. We adhere to industry best practices and regulatory standards to ensure the security and privacy of your data. Our solutions are designed with robust security features and undergo regular assessments to maintain compliance with relevant regulations. 

Can Cephable's technology be customized to suit the specific needs of my company?

Yes. Cephable’s solutions are highly customizable to meet the unique needs and preferences of your company. Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements and tailor our technology accordingly, ensuring a personalized and effective solution that aligns with your business objectives. 

What ongoing support and resources does Cephable provide to its clients?

Cephable is committed to providing ongoing support and resources to our clients to ensure their success. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise, and we regularly provide updates and enhancements to our technology to keep pace with evolving needs and industry trends. Additionally, we offer training and educational resources to help your team maximize the benefits of our solutions and stay informed about accessibility best practices.

How does Cephable empower users beyond traditional methods like keyboard and mouse?

Cephable software utilizes patent-approved technology that adapts to each user’s voice, face, and motions as controls. By moving digital interaction beyond the limitations of keyboard and mouse, we redefine the customer experience, boost engagement, and enhance employee productivity. 

Who can benefit from Cephable's technology?

Cephable caters to both companies with inclusive goals and individuals with disabilities. Our software integrates seamlessly with existing digital platforms for companies while offering a free solution to end-users with disabilities, removing the “disability tax” and ensuring accessibility for all. 

How does Cephable contribute to building better digital experiences and fostering customer growth for businesses?

Cephable revolutionizes digital experiences and enhances customer satisfaction.  We also help to unlock untapped markets, including the $645 billion consumer segment with disabilities. By providing more usable and enjoyable digital experiences, businesses can significantly increase customer engagement, loyalty, and ultimately drive growth. Learn more about Cephable For Customers


How does Cephable enhance employee productivity through accommodations and inclusive design?

Cephable recognizes that a diverse workforce is essential for driving innovation and success. Our technology empowers all employees by providing customizable inclusive design features. Whether it’s adapting controls based on voice, face, or motion inputs, or providing alternative content views for screen reader accessibility, Cephable ensures that every employee can work efficiently and comfortably. By removing barriers to productivity and fostering an inclusive workplace culture, Cephable enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their workforce and achieve greater success.

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