Empowering the Workforce

Cephable is built with the disabled workforce in mind,

but we can’t help if everyone wants to use it.

Beyond the Keyboard & Mouse

While commonplace, a keyboard and mouse aren’t always the preferred inputs for users. Leveraging how your employees want to control their technology puts them in the driver’s seat.

Utilizing AI Thoughtfully

AI is abuzz, and we don’t fall prey to the mindset of using it just because we can. AI informs learning algorithms and understands users preference to evolve the experience.

Leverage Preferred Capabilities

Employees who face obstacles with common input controls get more done when they can use the capabilities they have, or prefer, to use during their day.

Runs Locally to Reduce Security Concerns

Cephable lives locally on each employees device. No need for cloud connectivity, significantly reducing security risks and compliance issues.

Streamline Repetitive Processes

Ever tire of hitting the same keys over and over again? Yeah, us too. By stringing controls together with Cephable- repetitive tasks can be executed with a single word or even a smile.

Consolidate Employee Accommodations

We’re not saying Cephable can replace every accommodation you’re currently using. We’re also not, not saying that. Many enterprises discover significant cost reductions by primarily utilizing Cephable.

Empower your employees to control their day-to-day tech in the way they find most comfortable.

Voice Controls | Facial Expressions | Head Movements | Virtual Buttons

Accommodations are Important
The Right Accommodations Make All the Difference

If you’re reading this, it likely isn’t because you are starting from scratch with workplace accommodations.
But you probably want to make them better, stronger, or reduce the count of those you need. This is what Cephable does.
Plain and simple.


Retain a valued employee


Enhance employee productivity


Eliminate costs associated with training a new employee

Doing the Right Thing Never Made so Much Cents

We’re a mission driven company, yet ‘dollars and cents’ is a strong motivator to do the right thing. Giving your employees the tools they need to be productive helps the bottom line. We can prove it.

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How Employees are Using Cephable

Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams

“Navigating Teams throughout the day can wear on the joints in my hand. Cephable makes it possible for me to use teams with my voice and head movements, making me less tired at the end of the day.”

Google Workplace

With Google Workspace

“I spend a lot of time in Google Mail for my job and with mobility challenges it can be draining. With Cephable I can dictate messages easily and have even set up shortcuts for common responses to save time. I’m getting more done than ever.”


With Slack

“I started using Cephable when I broke my arm, to manage my team over Slack. My arm has healed but I’ll never stop using Cephable. I get more done in a day than I ever have, being able to move through Slack with ease.”