Enriching Customer Experience

Consumers are loyal to brands that make it simple.
The simplicity of Cephable opens your brand to over 1.3 billion consumers.

Level the Computer Playing Field

Consumers access your tools and applications on their desktop, limited by the inputs of a keyboard and mouse. You can make it easier for them to engage.

Analytics that Actually Tell You What Your Customer is Doing

It’s a different kind of journey when you know your customer smiled to add an item to the cart versus hit a button.

Move Beyond Tap and Swipe

Integrating Cephable into your mobile and tablet applications not only helps people with mobility issues, but it also streamlines tasks into actions the user prefers.

Tap Into $645B of Ignored Spending Power

People with disabilities spend like any other consumer. Improve their digital experience with your brand and watch your market share grow.

Equalize Your Consumer Tools Across the Board

Your digital applications are designed for the devices they live on. Cephable powerfully expands what those devices do, with no significant changes to your apps.

Streamline Digital Interactions

When you introduce head gestures, facial expressions, voice and virtual buttons to your Human Interface Design models you suddenly realize we’ve all been limited for a very long time.

Consumers who don’t have to conform their actions to the device they are using, are advocates of the brands who make it possible.

Voice Controls | Facial Expressions | Head Movements | Virtual Buttons

Value is More Than Dollars and Cents.

Yes, Cephable helps you make more money, mitigate risk and do good. The real value is in making a difference in people’s lives. It’s not often you can do both.

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How Consumers are Using Cephable

Amazon Marketplace

With Amazon Marketplace

“Moving through Amazon was a time consuming process for me. The keyboard and mouse made it tenuous to find the items I needed and check out. Cephable changed all that by letting me use the capabilities I have.”


With Adobe Photoshop

“Even without a deep integration I have been using Cephable to cut keystrokes out of my work with Photoshop. It speeds up my processes by 10 fold.”


With Netflix

“Navigating Netflix by moving my head, pausing movies with a smile and searching with my voice is as intuitive as it is convenient.”