Letting the Player be the Controller

Integrate Cephable and let the player use the capabilities they have.

Head Motion

Voice Controls & Dictation

Tilt Controls

Virtual Buttons

Facial Expressions

Switch Control

Benefits of Cephable in Gaming:


Retention Rate



Churn Rate


claim that disability affects their gaming.


Cephable overcomes hurdles of physical controls by allowing the user to leverage their physical capabilities, like facial expressions, voice and others.


of gamers with disabilities said that they face barriers or issues related to gaming.

Integrating Cephable into the game or the console doesn’t replace the physical control. Cephable works in concert with it so the individual is fully in control of their play.

Low Risk, High Reward. Just how we like it.

Not only was Cephable built with disability in mind, it was built with technology and developers in mind. Meaning it’s a light lift for you.

Average Implementation is 2 weeks.

* Receive Commands * Authenticate User * Connect APIs

User Capabilities into Gaming Controls