Leveling the Technological Playing Field

You know your tech.
We know how to make it easier to use for millions of consumers.

Spoiler Alert: People without disabilities find value in alternative controls as well.

Benefits of Cephable with Software & Hardware:



NPS Score


Customer Support Needs

Want to Capture

$10 – $16 Billion

in annual spend? Who doesn’t?

Integrate Cephable into your tech, gain market share, and build loyalty.

Low Risk, High Reward. Just how we like it.

Cephable was built with disability at the center. Created with developers and integration in mind – that means it’s a light lift for you.

Average Implementation is 2 weeks.

* Receive Commands * Authenticate User * Connect APIs

Head Motion

Voice Controls & Dictation

Tilt Controls

Virtual Buttons

Facial Expressions

Switch Control

Cephable Extends Beyond Accessibility

Have more consumers use your technology, reduce risk, and build better experiences.


said they’ve made tech purchases based on accessibility or usability


stated they discussed purchases with friends and family


find current accessibility features difficult to use

How do People use Cephable with Tech & Software?

this graphic visualizes how users can use their own capabilities (motion, face expression, virtual buttons) to do thinks like keyboard shortcuts, data entry and navigate the UI of software