Frequently Asked Questions

From Community Partners

Any new technology is bound to spark some questions. We’ve gathered some that we hear from time to time. We hope they’re helpful.

How does Cephable support community organizations?

Cephable collaborates with community organizations to empower them with our accessibility software. We offer tailored resources like video guides for their users and staff, regular software updates, and exclusive access to test new features and participate in our events. This partnership aims to create a network of organizations committed to promoting digital equity and supporting the independence of people with disabilities.

Is Cephable free for community organizations?

Yes, Cephable is free for community organizations to use on their Mac or Windows computers for non-commercial purposes. We provide the full app to users within community organizations without ads or in app purchases required. We want to continue reducing the “disability tax” and provide more equitable digital access for people who need more accessibility options for their computers. 

How does my organization partner with Cephable?

You can read more about our current partners here and submit a Partnership Request Form. We provide organizations with a no-cost partner agreement outlining our shared mission and goals for collaboration. 

Can I have a single Cephable sign-in that is used by multiple users at an organization?

We recommend creating individual accounts for each user as Cephable provides personalized settings that improve over time. You can read more tips for working as part of a care team here 

How do I share Cephable with our community members?

Our community partners share Cephable in many different ways. Some ideas include: listing Cephable in your newsletters or blogs, adding our tool to your online resource listings, using Cephable with clients, nominating a power user for the Consortium, inviting us to present during a webinar or podcast, adding Cephable to a continuing education presentation, and/or adding a demo station for Cephable in your onsite assistive tech lab.  

Need Support?

From step-by-step guides, to contact methods, we’ve got you covered! Visit our Support Page here! Thank you!