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Cephable is software you can use to control technology on your terms.

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Cephable is free for non-commercial individual use.

After installing the desktop app, get the mobile companion app to connect from your phone.

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We think accessibility makes everything better. It can provide the kind of digital experience that you deserve. It builds better products and bigger possibilities. Simply stated – accessibility makes things better for everyone. We want Cephable to ensure the products you love, work better for you. It’s technology for all the things you want to do – and maybe some things you haven’t even thought of yet. Learn more about Cephable through our tutorials and videos.


Tips for Care Teams: Assisting with Cephable Setup

We recommend creating a separate Cephable account for each user or provider to facilitate personalized exploration and controls. Cephable’s voice controls adapt over time to tailor the user experience for each account. Settings, preferences, and profile libraries are unique to each account, allowing others to set up and support users in crafting the most effective profiles for their needs. 



An Invitation for Innovation: We believe users have the best ideas!  

If you‘re a Cephable user with some thoughtful perspectives AND want to discover how to get more directly involved in our community and mission – we invite you to check out our Consortium! 

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Control tech beyond keyboard and mouse with the capabilities you have.