Cephable for Individuals

Cephable is software you can use to control technology on your terms.

We think accessibility makes everything better. It can provide the kind of digital experiences that you deserve. It builds better products, and bigger possibilities. Simply stated – accessibility makes things better for everyone. We want Cephable to ensure the products you love, work better for you. It’s technology for all the things you want to do – and maybe some things you haven’t even thought of yet.

Best of all, Cephable is free for non-commercial individual use.

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View our tutorials

Cephable turns any input into any output.


Did we mention Cephable is Free for Individuals?

Cephable is a company with a mission to help everyone engage with their chosen technology in ways that make sense for them and that Cephable can support.​ We don’t believe the user should be charged for accessibility. However, when companies engage with software to bring more accessible experience to you – their future and existing customers, we provide a value that can be quantified and thus paid for. This value exchange supplies capital to Cephable and allows us to operate and grow.​

Enabled Play is now Cephable

Yes, we used to be Enabled Play, but we are so excited to introduce you to Cephable. We brought the mission, the technology, and the heart of the company with us. And the single most important thing – you, our users. Thank you for taking this step in the journey alongside us. Watch an annoucement video from our CEO and Founder Alex Dunn to learn more about the evolution.