Access Cephable for Professional Use

Cephable is licensed for employee use and customer app integration.

Businesses license Cephable in two ways.

First, as an employee accommodation for their workforce.

With Cephable inputs employees are empowered to choose the modalities that work best for them. Whether for accessibility or ergonomic reasons, Cephable is chosen to lessen the dependency on the keyboard and mouse.

Second, as an integration with their digital applications to fortify usability and accessibility.

Cephable licenses access to APIs and SDKs that brands can simply integrate into their existing digital applications to bring supplemental modalities to the interface.

We even see product roadmaps begin to plan against the additional inputs Cephable offers to enhance the future state of the app from the start.

The digital application can reside anywhere the business needs it to: web, desktop, mobile, tablet, kiosk, ATM, installation – you name it, it works.

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Cephable turns any input into any output.