The Effect of Alternative Digital Inputs in the Workplace

An Intel RISE Technology Initiative (IRTI) in collaboration with Intel & Accenture

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Executive Summary

The Cephable project explores the transformative power of accessible technology in reshaping the modern workplace. As significant global shifts like the pandemic and the rise of hybrid work create new challenges and opportunities, companies have a unique chance to reimagine their work environments and tools. The Intel RISE Technology Initiative (IRTI), in collaboration with Accenture and Cephable, highlights the critical role of accessible technology in enhancing workplace inclusivity and productivity, for the entire workforce, and most specifically for employees with disabilities. Innovations such as voice-controlled interfaces, head movement tracking, and facial expression recognition are revolutionizing how individuals with disabilities interact with digital workspaces, while also benefiting their non-disabled peers.

By addressing the gap between knowing what to do and effectively implementing it, organizations can harness the full potential of their workforce. This paper emphasizes companies that view employees as revenue assets rather than operating costs, are building higher standards of culture with work outputs that are gleaning stronger results. It calls for an examination, and in some cases, a redesign of work processes to support evolving methods, fostering a more inclusive, innovative, and productive work environment.

Cephable turns any Capability into a Control