Cephable for Windows

To get started, download Cephable for Windows. You can choose Windows for ARM or x64/x86.

Unsure which version is for you? Try this.

Click on the System icon. Click About on the left side menu at the very bottom. Under Device specifications on the right side, check the System type.

This will indicate either a x86-based processor, x64-based processor, or an ARM-based processor.

Download the Cephable version for the processor you have.

Installation Notes

Done Downloading? Next…

  1. Double-click the .exe file (likely in your downloads folder)
  2. Follow the installation steps
  3. Double-click on the installed Cephable App to open it
  4. Follow the onboarding process

In the video to the right you will be see some tips and tricks in case there is a problem.


Taking it to the next level.

We recommend starting with the desktop app, then adding in the Cephable Companion App.

With the companion app you use the same Cephable login and your mobile device becomes an extension of control for your computer. All the same controls plus virtual buttons will deliver inputs through the profiles you have.

Cephable Companion App in the iOS Store

Cephable Companion App in the Google Play Store

Cephable turns any input into any output.