Frequently Asked Questions

From Individuals

Any new technology is bound to spark some questions. We’ve gathered some that we hear from time to time. We hope they’re helpful.

What does Cephable Assistive Technology Do?

Cephable is an assistive technology software platform that allows users to use new input methods to access their computers, including voice controls, facial expressions, virtual buttons, head movements, and more. These inputs can work on their own or in combination with a keyboard & mouse. 

Is Cephable free?

Yes, Cephable is free for individuals to use on their computers for non-commercial use. We provide the whole app to users without ads or in-app purchases. Learn more about Cephable for individuals here 

How can I install Cephable onto my computer?

You can install the Cephable desktop app onto your Mac or Windows computer from the links provided on our website. Once you install the desktop app, you can get the mobile app (Companion App) for your phone or tablet from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Check out our step by step guides if you need help installing.  

Do I need to buy special equipment (e.g. new camera or microphone) to use Cephable?

Cephable utilizes standard camera and microphone features, therefore, if your computer has these features, you are all set. You can also use an external webcam, microphone, or a smartphone/tablet using our Companion App to also access input controls. 

Is my data safe since my camera and microphone are used with Cephable?

Yes, your online privacy is a priority at Cephable! Your controls and settings are only manageable by your account. Cephable’s camera & microphone controls and machine learning models run entirely offline and are connected to your account only. 

Does Cephable work alongside other assistive technologies?

Yes, Cephable works alongside other assistive technologies such as switches, joysticks, other computer software, augmentative & alternative communication devices, and more. Cephable works directly with your computer and emulates a keyboard and mouse. You can use Cephable inputs on their own or in concert with other assistive tools you currently use with your computer. 

Where can I get support/report a bug?

At Cephable we love hearing your feedback. You can find links for “Report an Issue” and “Suggest a Feature” in “Connect & Learn” within the Cephable app at the bottom of your dashboard. You can also share ideas and get support in our Cephable Discord server. You can find all forms and support links here. 

Can I use Cephable inputs on my phone or tablet?

Cephable’s primary app experience runs independently on your computer. But adding the Cephable companion app to your phone/tablet will expand your input options to include virtual buttons, motion controls, and an additional camera option. All inputs create new ways to control your Mac or Windows computer in new ways. Learn more about the Companion App in our tutorial. 

Need Support? No Problem!

You can find all of our support resources here. Our support team runs a Facebook Community and Discord Group. Head over there and let us know what is going on. You can also submit feedback in the app directly to us. Thank you!