Idea Hour with the Team

Idea Hour: Game On with Cephable: Voice Your Way to Victory

Tuesday July 23, 2024

Learn how to level up your gaming experience with Cephable’s latest innovations! Join us for our next live YouTube stream where we’ll dive into how our software is changing the game for PC gamers. CEO Alex Dunn and  Hadijat (Tobi) Muftau-Lediju will be live-streaming. Aaron Price from AbleGamers and some surprise guests from our awesome community will be live to chat, answer your questions, and hear your ideas! 

Watch live gaming demos that showcase our new Global Controls features – imagine controlling your games and Cephable settings just by using your voice! You’ll see how easy it is to start and stop controls with a simple command, launch your favorite apps by name, and enjoy automatic profile switching that adapts to your gaming style. Don’t miss out on the fun and lots of tips & tricks!  

Format: We’ll be streaming live on YouTube complete with an interactive chat for questions and comments as they come to mind.  Join the conversation live? Share your screen via the Cephable Discord server.  

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