Accessibility Across Devices: Introducing the New Cephable Mobile App

Apr 29, 2024

A Solution to Enhancing Accessibility Across Devices

When it comes to all tech users, particularly those living with disabilities, it is critical that the right tools are available at the right time and place. For many users, there never seems to be a big enough screen available, controls may not be in quite the right place, or the application does not offer accessible customizations.

A solution to this problem can be supported through tech we may already own. Our phones and tablets often sit idle while we use our main computing devices. It seems like there should be a way to get the best benefits of each device to provide the right solutions to control our tech with more accessibility.

We took this concept to heart, which is why we are excited to continue enhancing the experience for our community with an all-new Cephable companion app for your phone or tablet.

Cephable’s experience can seamlessly span across your devices. By using the Cephable companion app on your phone or tablet alongside the primary application on your Windows or Mac device, we can empower the user to put the controls they want onto their devices. Our companion app allows you to do many of the same actions as the main application, plus a few unique actions such as virtual buttons.

What’s New: Key Features

When it comes to our users, we are passionate about ensuring we provide the right solutions – large and small. We rebuilt the mobile companion app from the ground up to provide better compatibility, security, and performance. While there are many new enhancements and bug fixes, here are a few we think will support our users:

  • Dark Mode
  • Enhanced Voice Support on Mobile
  • Improved Syncing Between Mobile and Desktop
  • Enhanced User Feedback Mechanisms

Each of these features provides specific enhancements to the user experience that are important to a smooth and comfortable experience. Many people find the dark mode, light text on a dark background, to be easier on their eyes, reducing overall fatigue. We brought voice control support to mobile to allow users to have voice recognition occur on the device of their choosing, as well as free up valuable screen real estate in the process. The enhancements to syncing across devices may not be glamorous, but they will certainly keep a smile on your face as your devices “just work” in harmony. With user feedback being central to our development process we will continue to find new and better ways to get feedback from the experts in our field – you!


User-Centric Development

At Cephable our users aren’t just receiving the end results of our development work – they are a critical part of our development process. The Consortium, our focused user feedback program, is at the core of many of the enhancements in this release. Our users asked for dark mode, voice support on mobile so they could get back some space on their screen and a variety of enhancements to existing functionality. These features exist because of the critical feedback from our amazing Consortium members.

Overall, new functionality is only as good as its ability to provide impact for our users. We choose what to work on by prioritizing not just what our users talk about but what will provide the most impact for them. As we implement these changes, we actively check in with the Consortium to see what is working and what needs a bit more thought. In short, #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs is not just a hashtag – it’s how we operate.

Explore the Companion App

We hope you take the opportunity to explore the new companion app. Whether saving your eyes with dark mode or saving screen space with voice control on mobile, we think you will be delighted. We will keep working to achieve our core goal of empowering users to use digital technology on their terms.

Check out the new mobile apps and desktop apps now and don’t forget to share your feedback with us to help shape future enhancements.

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