Giving More Control in Health to Everybody

Extending Access to the Tools PwD Need to Manage Their Health

Convert in-person visits to digital and save


per year

Cephable drastically reduces per-visit costs while increasing patient autonomy

Low Risk, High Reward. Just how we like it.

Cephable was built with disability at the center. Created with developers and integration in mind – that means it’s a light lift for you.

Average Implementation is 2 weeks.

* Receive Commands * Authenticate User * Connect APIs

Head Motion

Voice Controls & Dictation

Tilt Controls

Virtual Buttons

Facial Expressions

Switch Control

Fortify Your Reputation, Do Good Work

Easing the interaction burden of your consumer builds trust and loyalty, not to mention public perception.

A graphic indicating increase in audio and video telehealth over 20211 and 2022

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1 in 4 adults with disabilities 18 to 44 years have an unmet health care need in the past 12 months.

2/3 of PwD have issues with their digital healthcare experiences.

Your patients. Our technology. Better care.

Patient-retention through improved digital experiences

PwD are 6x more likely to have 10+ physician visits & 5x more likely to be admitted to the hospital in a 12-month period.
this graphic visualizes how users can use their own capabilities (motion, face expression, virtual buttons) to do things like at home rehabilitation, health communication, manage accounts