From Enabled Play to Cephable

A note from Alex Dunn Founder & CEO

When I started working on Enabled Play, I wanted to making gaming more accessible for people who had a challenging time with traditional controllers and keyboards. It was during the peak of the pandemic that I started the research and development while streaming on Twitch. We (myself and those in chat) built all kinds of prototypes using voice controls in new ways, hacking Amazon Echo speakers into controllers, turning Snapchat filters into face controllers, and more. As more folks saw and tried those early prototypes, we saw there was some serious impact it could create in making gaming more inclusive and accessible.

It was at that point where the prototypes grew up into Enabled Play – a platform and device that would allow people to use their phone or tablet to configure a little black box controller with microphones in it so they could use voice controls, face expressions, head movement, and hotkeys to play games in new ways – hence the name “Enabled Play”!

We had a few thousand folks around the world starting to use these controls, and what I never expected was how many other things people would use our controls for. We had people using them in school to make education more accessible, at work to be more productive, in hospitals to gamify therapy sessions, with smart TVs, robotic arms, and so much more. It was an indicator that we were creating so much more impact than we expected and uncovered more paths to pursue.

So we’re growing up now and changing our name to something that represents all of what we do – Cephable.

We have a great affinity for the octopus here. Octopus are categorized as cephalopods, all of which share some fascinating characteristics:

    • Curiosity
    • Playfulness
    • Problem solvers
    • Communicative
    • Explorers
    • Learners
    • Independent movements

    Our brand and the tools we make are rooted in amplifying these characteristics in digital experiences. So, individuals who prefer to leverage capabilities beyond a keyboard and mouse can do so. We’re making everyone more Cephable!

    Beyond the name and brand changes, we are aiming to make these types of controls more accessible to everyone – which is why we are no longer requiring you to purchase a device from us for $250 – instead, you’ll be able to control any personal Windows or Mac computer by simply downloading the apps for free. We believe individuals shouldn’t be the ones paying the price for accessibility – instead we are working with business to integrate these controls directly into their apps, sites, services, and devices so that you as an individual can continue to have more accessible experiences everywhere.

    I’m so excited about where Cephable is heading, and I can’t wait for you to join us in the journey as well!

    Alex Dunn

    Founder and CEO, Cephable.