Pediatric Resource Webinar

About this Webinar

This webinar is designed for parents, therapists, and caregivers who want to help kids use Cephable effectively. By teaching foundational computer skills, selecting the best programs and games, and customizing Cephable profiles to match each child’s abilities, adults can set children up for success. Cephable introduces new inputs and motivation for digital play and education.

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Featured Speaker

Hadijat “Tobi” Muftau-Lediju

Occupational Therapist​ | Gaming Consultant

Hadijat Muftau-Lediju is a dedicated occupational therapist with a unique approach to therapy, integrating video games to enhance skill development. With a passion for leveraging technology to create engaging and effective therapeutic experiences, She enjoys using gaming , table top games and overall play to address motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills. Committed to innovative practices, being neurodivergent herself she strives to make therapy enjoyable and impactful for clients of all ages.

Cephable turns any Capability into a Control