Thanks for Your Attendance

We appreciate your attendance of the Tech Spotlight: Disability Rights New Jersey Webinar. The video we showed in the presentation is below. To download the PPT please fill the form on this page. A download link will appear.

Image of Opening PPT Slide

This is an image of the opening slide of the powerpoint deck and says: Cephable, Moving Digital Interaction Beyond Keyboard & Mouse.

90 Second Cephable Overview

Video Description: Sizzle reel video montage shows Cephable adult user stories across six different everyday environments.

Video opens with a Cephable logo motion graphic that introduces the text, “Cephable Moves Digital Interaction Beyond Keyboard & Mouse” with images of a computer screen and a desktop keyboard and mouse being pushed apart to reveal the following icons and words: Head Motion, Voice Controls & Dictation, Facial Expressions, Virtual Buttons, Switch Control, Tilt Controls.

A young female professional in a coffeeshop setting is using her laptop. She nods her head forward using Cephable camera controls to scroll on a social media webpage. She then speaks as her words are shown in the Cephable voice control overlay on screen to post on Twitter X. Her next voice control opens Powerpoint and the new slide she’s editing is revealed. She smiles at her computer screen.

Two young adult friends sit side by side in a living room playing Fall Guys, a fast-paced obstacle course video game using Cephable. They are smiling and laughing as the male, a powerchair user, opens his mouth and tilts his head, triggering Cephable’s face expressions to move his character around the game. He occasionally taps his iPad mounted on his chair to send Cephable virtual button commands to his computer to engage with game obstacles. The virtual buttons are a group of large rectangular buttons filling the tablet screen, each with a single word/command.

A woman playing a violin in a music studio looks at her laptop with Cephable camera controls open. She turns her head to the right, which changes her sheet music on screen to the next page. She also presses on a foot pedal switch to complete the same output.

A female powerchair user rolls through an office hallway and sets herself up for work at her desk with her computer and iPad. Cephable voice controls and virtual button controls are visible. She is scrolling on a document and editing a business report with her voice. When she states, “type that concludes our findings period”, the text “That concludes our findings.” shows up in the Cephable voice overlay followed by the Word document on screen. She then taps her tablet with virtual buttons to save the document. She uses voice controls to open Excel.

An elderly man is speaking to a friend on a video call. He has Cephable camera controls on. When he turns his head to the right, his microphone mutes. You see him say something to a person off camera. When he turns his head back to his friend on the call, his computer unmutes his microphone. The friends smile.

A young professional with a sling holding his left arm is using a mounted drawing tablet screen and stylus in his right hand. He’s at a standing desk in the evening in an office setting, drawing a whimsical octopus on screen. He uses Cephable voice commands to switch between tools in the art program.

Final Montage shows a quick video recap of each character and setting from the video that quickly moves from right to left to summarize the scenes. Final motion graphic, shows text, “Control Technology on Your Terms” and it morphs into the Cephable Logo.

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Cephable turns any input into any output.