Control Profiles for Cephable

Presenter: Julia Franklin, Chief Learning Officer

Goal: Learn to create, edit, delete, and share control profiles

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What are Control Profiles?

  • Control Profiles are a summary of the customized input and output settings to interact with your computer in new ways.
  • Profiles can vary in complexity, ranging from simple to complex configurations. Some profiles may have 1-2 commands, while others may have many.
  • Users can customize & easily switch between them.
  • You can view your list of current profiles within your account by either clicking on the dropdown list at the top of the home screen or clicking on the button “Manage Control Profiles” near the bottom of the home screen.


Building a Library of Control Profiles

  • Some users choose to have only a few control profiles in their account while others save and switch between many different profiles.
  • Where can you get control profiles?
    1. Have other friends who use Cephable email and share them with you.
    2. Join Community pages like Discord and Facebook where users share links to profiles they have created.
    3. Create your own profiles using our AI Generator within the app or Start from Scratch


Adding a Shared Profile from email/text/community channels

Click the shared link from friend or Community Channel


Click “Preview Control Profile in App”


Click “Add this Profile


Click “Save and Finish”


Click “Control Profile” Dropdown Menu and select your new profile


Creating New Profiles within CephableAI Generator

Simply fill in the app name and types of controls you would like added to the profile and Cephable will create a set of controls for you. For more information – Watch the full tutorial on this topic.


Creating Profiles From Scratch

Try making a new profile from scratch for YouTube with 1 voice command of “Play” so Cephable will hit the SpaceBar

Click “Create a Control Profile Button” on homescreen


Scroll down and click “Create New” in “Start from Scratch”


Give it a title and Click the + to “Add a New Control”


Select Control – Click “Voice Control”


Type “Play” in the Voice Command box


Select Your Output – Click “Press one or more keys/buttons”


Find the Spacebar in the “Key or Button” Drop Down


Click “Finish”


Now you can see your new control Profile and Command. Click “Save and Finish”


Editing/Deleting Controls within Profiles

To Edit or Add a Command to a control profile. Press the pencil icon on the home screen next to the Control Profile drop down menu.


Click “Edit” or “Remove Control” depending on your needs


Sharing or Deleting a Full Control Profile

Press the pencil icon on the home screen next to the Control Profile drop down menu. Make sure you have the correct profile selected.


Click “Delete Control Profile” or “Share Profile” that will create a link for you to share with friends or within the community channels.

Thank You

We look forward to connecting with you and sharing profiles with you in our Community channels.

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