Presenter: Alex Dunn, Founder and CEO of Cephable

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A visual reference map of the homepage of Cephable

A Homepage Overview



Cephable is a software platform that allows you to control your technology in ways that work best for you by expanding input abilities to include voice controls, voice dictation, face/mouth/body controls (expression controls), virtual buttons, motion controls and the ability to mix and match.


Your Output Device: Let’s you know what computer Cephable is connected to.


Control Profile: a summary of different input and output controls that you have customized or that were shared with you to connect and communicate with your computer beyond the standard keyboard and mouse option.


Current Profile: Shows you what profile you are currently using. Click the dropdown menu to browse/select/switch profiles once you build your profile library.


Pencil Icon: Edit your current profile


+ Icon and Create a Control Profile: Develop a new profile using our AI generator, build your own from scratch, or copy an existing profile to edit



Start Voice Controls: Turns on the microphone for voice inputs and opens your voice dictation box.


Start Expression Controls: Turns on your camera for all expression controls

Current options:

  • Tilt your head left/right/back/forward
  • turn your head left/right
  • lean back/forward/left/right
  • move up/down
  • start/stop smiling
  • raise your eyebrows
  • open/close your mouth

are our current face and body controls that you can choose from to access computer functions.


Manage Control Profiles: View, edit and delete current saved profiles in your profile library.


Voice Settings: You can…

  • automatically start voice controls
  • turn on/off voice control sensitivity


Expression settings: You can

  • automatically start expression controls
  • edit your device sensitivity camera settings to your natural resting position and movement skills.
  • Experimental Mouse Movement


Settings and Tools: Manage your Cephable account, edit the capabilities you set during the onboarding process, review and edit app settings, report an issue with the software and suggest a feature to the Cephable team.


Support: find tutorials and resources, create a link to share profiles and connect with the Cephable team


Community: Multiple ways to connect, learn and share with other Cephable users. Join one, join all.


Output devices: Each computer you download the Cephable software on will be listed for you to choose from.


Cephy our company mascot

Cephable turns any input into any output.